best finds of january 2020

An app called Radiooooo: 1970s Papua New Guinean & Malian music 

Someone told me to check out this app called Radiooooo on a night out. So I took a screenshot of it, then promptly forgot to check it out… Until two months later when I found myself bored at one a.m. Instead of pacifying my late-night energy with Netflix, I downloaded Radiooooo. It’s a buggy app. But, it’s a breath of fresh air from the mind-overload that is trying to keep up with Tuesday and Friday new music releases. 

The idea is to explore music across time and space. You choose a decade & a country and can specify if you want fast, slow, or weird music. Whoever told me to listen to music from 1970s Papua New Guinea understood my taste in music – thank you. Saman Doye by The Black Brothers is a good place to start. 

I also started listening to Malian music from the 70s. Listening to Rail Band then sent me on a rabbit hole of Malian music. I remembered that Lafawndah played Ayé Aw Vas-Y by Ami Yerewolo at her Berlin show last year. This all led me to an NPR article from 2013 about Malian music:

ICYMI: The Creative Independent’s study on the music industry 

TCI is my favorite source of inspiration and online guidance. They just published a study on the current state of the music industry here:

The results validate some of my experiences, which is disheartening. But it’s not all bad. They published a companion article about how we can collectively build a better, more inclusive, and supporting future:

Published elsewhere on the interwebs

It’s been a slow month for concert photography. I only shot one show this month, which was a nice break from my November-December schedule. I think I covered 15 nights of music in November – it was a bit overwhelming. Check out photos of Surf Curse at White Oak Music Hall earlier this month on OpenEars Music:

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